About Pilola

The company is run by Sue Parker but Pilola is very much a family business. As my children were growing up I took an avid interest in games and puzzles and anything else that made learning fun and enjoyable. As teenagers they now helpfully provide IT support and assistance at gift fairs rather than play with the fantastic range of fun, educational games we now stock on the Pilola website. Originally focusing on children’s games and puzzles for younger children, as our children have got older so their tastes and needs have changed and this has influenced the products that we sell. Now catering for a slightly older age range including products suitable for teenagers the product range reflects items that we have found useful, educational and desirable.

Recognising the renewed interest in handcrafted products that are not massed produced and therefore are more individual has encouraged Pilola’s creative side. All Pilola crafted products are designed and made by us and we add to this range on a regular basis. The Pilola icushion was our first product and this has been followed by crocheted items and shambala style bracelets.

Sue is committed to developing the business through the website by offering a growing range of quality products.